About Nexus

Nexus is the embodiment of the decades-long Mines/NREL relationship. Our people are the driving force behind what we do. Check out our projects page for more information about Nexus research.

Nexus Leadership

Mines Lead

Dr. Ryan Richards
Professor, Dept. of Chemistry
Colorado School of Mines


Dr. Ellen Morris
Director, University Partnership Programs
National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Nexus leverages the combined capabilities of Mines and NREL to innovate solutions for key global challenges.

Affiliated Faculty at Colorado School of Mines

Sumit Agarwal, Chemical and Biological Engineering

Geoff Brennecka, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

Moises Carreon, Chemical and Biological Engineering

Cristian Ciobanu, Mechanical Engineering

Prashun Gorai, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

Andrew Herring, Chemical and Biological Engineering

Cynthia Howell, Critical Materials Institute

Eliot Kapit, Physics

Carolyn Koh, Chemical and Biological Engineering

Ryan O’Hayre, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

Corinne Packard, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

Ryan Richards, Chemistry

Alan Sellinger, Chemistry

Meenakshi Singh, Physics

Vladan Stevanovic, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

Paulo Cesar Tabares Velasco, Mechanical Engineering

Eric Toberer, Physics

Brian Trewyn, Chemistry

Jeramy Zimmerman, Physics

Center Staff

Nathan Fennell

Facilities Manager

Debbie Haywood

Center Administrator

Kelly Hummel

Marketing/Stakeholder Relations