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A new graduate profile service for building collaborations within Nexus

Nexus’ Graduate Student Profile service is a web portal introduction of Mines graduate students to our peers at the National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL).

For graduate students interested in gaining exposure to NREL scientists, create a blog post using the form at the right side of this page. It will be reviewed and go up on our password protected blog space. NREL staff and Mines faculty within Nexus can access at their leisure.

The purpose of the Nexus graduate student portal is to create connections between Mines graduate students and NREL researchers!

Interactions are completely voluntary and may take a variety of professional forms. The NREL researcher may or may not have funding, depending on their specific situation. Results may be work on sponsored research through an APUP, initiating collaborative research or simply serving as a co-advisor.

Nexus is happy to help facilitate this introduction.

The form for students is on the right side of this webpage.

Members can access to the blog posts via the password-protected page here.

This page is for Mines and NREL faculty and staff and enrolled and participating graduate students.

Nexus will remove student profiles upon request, at any time, or at academic year-end, whichever comes first. The page will be archive. If a student wishes to remain off the archive, they can do so upon request. 

If you have additional questions about the graduate student profile service, please contact us at

Mines Graduate Student Profile Form

Nexus introduces current Mines graduate students to NREL researchers who might be interested in working with them, (supported or just as committee member).

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