Rocky Mountain MESA


Rocky Mountain MESA (Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement) is a statewide/regional organization for traditionally underserved and underrepresented students that provides tools, technologies, resources and collaborative partnerships with key higher education and industry professionals to optimize K-14 student preparation and success for leadership in tomorrow’s diverse STEM workforce.

By forming partnerships with businesses, school districts and academia, RM MESA strengthens K-14 education.

We are a chapter of a larger national organization, MESA USA. Since 1970 MESA has helped students become scientists, engineers and mathematicians, filling an urgent need for qualified technical professionals.

Vision for the Future

While combining the prowess of students of all ages with industry professionals to solve world problems, Rocky Mountain MESA helps K-14 students transcend traditional STEM outcomes and pathways to optimize successful leadership in industry, research and service to meet the global STEM workforce demands of tomorrow.