Mines and NREL formally launched the Nexus partnership in July 2019 to strengthen and expand collaboration between the two institutions.  The goal is to develop joint research initiatives and funding beyond the scope of either institution alone.  The Nexus Seed Funding Grants allow Mines and NREL researchers to jump-start ideation on cutting edge collaborative, interdisciplinary research proposals and eventual funding.  The aim is to stimulate new research initiatives and connections across the two institutions featuring faculty and researchers from Mines and NREL.

For the summer of 2021, the seed funding program will continue by providing funding to Mines/NREL teams to initiate, prepare, and submit compelling collaborative research proposals on topics in any aspect of the energy research agenda.

All proposals must show a joint collaborative effort between Mines and NREL. Proposals are due at 5PM on Friday, May 28, 2021 to nexus@mines.edu. The turnaround time for decisions is expected to be quick.

If you have any questions, please contact nexus@mines.edu. The full RFP can be found here.