Our Committees

The people of Mines/NREL Nexus are the driving force behind what we do. Read on for more information about those who work to strengthen partnerships.

Executive Committee
  • Ryan Richards, Co-Lead
  • Sumit Agarwal
  • Geoff Brennecka
  • Moises Carreon
  • Cristian Ciobanu
  • Prashun Gorai
  • Andrew Herring
  • Cynthia Howell
  • Eliot Kapit
  • Carolyn Koh
  • Ryan O’Hayre
  • Corinne Packard
  • Alan Sellinger
  • Meenakshi Singh
  • Vladan Stevanovic
  • Paulo Cesar Tabares Velasco
  • Eric Toberer
  • Brian Trewyn
  • Jeramy Zimmerman


  • Nathan Fennell
  • Debbie Haywood
  • Kelly Hummel
Facilities Committee
  • Nathan Fennell

Websites of Note:


A hearing was held at the Colorado General Assembly. To view the Panel on Recycling Projects and Partnerships from Colorado School of Mines and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), please visit their webpage. A slide presenation was also given by Dr. Ryan Richards, Mines/NREL Nexus Co-Lead. Also in attendance were Drs. Birdie Carpenter and Nancy Haegel from NREL.