Nexus Seed Presentation – February 21, 2024

The next Nexus seed presentation is this Wednesday, February 21st at 3PM via Zoom. Nexus Seed Presentations SU23 Bedford-Habas Read more

Nexus Seed Project Presentation, December 12

Energy-neutral Green Infrastructure for Treatment of Pathogens in Urban Drool and Dry Weather Flows NREL PI: Scott Struck (Integrated Water Systems/Systems Engineering) Mines PI: John McCray (Civil & Environmental Engineering) ... Read more

Nexus Seed Project Presentation, November 30

Understanding the Sociotechnical Ecosystems of Energy Technology Research, Development, Demonstration, and Deployment NREL PI: Elizabeth Gill (Integrated Decision Support) and Mines PI: Katie Johnson (Electrical Engineering) Thursday, ... Read more

Nexus Seed Project Presentation November 16

Flash activation of conductive oxide materials for low-temperature oxygen evolving anodes Mines PI: Megan Holtz (Metallurgical and Materials Engineering) and NREL PI: Elliot Padgett (Chemistry) Thursday, November 16, 2023 at 2PM  Virtual ... Read more

RM MESA’s Fall Kick-Off and Teacher’s Training Workshop

On Saturday, the 23rd of September, early in the day, the 2023-24 academic year RM MESA community of teacher advisors and Mines graduate and undergraduate student mentors, met on campus, to get to know each other and learn curriculum for this ... Read more

Mines-NREL-NIST “Emerging Leaders” Distinguished Lecture

Faculty, staff and students from Mines, NREL and NIST are invited for an evening lecture and networking event, featuring an emerging leader in carbon reduction, Dr. Prannoy Suraneni, Assistant Professor of Civil & Architectural Engineering ... Read more

Nexus Seed Grants Winners Announced for Summer 2023

Mines and NREL formally launched the Nexus initiative in 2019 to strengthen and expand collaboration between the two institutions. The goal is to develop joint research initiatives, partnerships, student exchanges, and funding opportunities in ... Read more

Broomfield High School wins 2023 State Engineering Design Competition

A team from Broomfield High School won the Rocky Mountain MESA Jamboree engineering competition on Saturday, April 29th, at Coors Tek on the Colorado School of Mines campus.  The team was awarded a “1st Place All Around Best Team” finish. The ... Read more