DSC_4723-300x200 2024 Rocky Mountain Math Engineering Science Achievement (RM MESA) Jamboree

2024 Rocky Mountain MESA Jamboree and State Competition!

Held on Saturday, April 27th from 9am to 1:30 pm, Jamboree 2024 was hosted by Nexus and CMI research centers with support from industry partner Lockheed Martin.

The event offered three different venues for students, advisors, and volunteers. The venues were: 1) the National Engineering Design Competition (NEDC); 2) Engineering Experience Expo; 3) Tours-Mines tour and 2 lab tours.  

Thirty professionals across engineering, research, and medicine, from throughout the nation (17) and in Golden, Colorado (13) volunteered time and expertise to support and honor high school students vying for a state National Engineering Design Competition (NEDC) title.  Serving as judges, they virtually evaluated student-created Design Proposals and Academic Posters.  Following the virtual judging the in-person judges finished off the competition by judging the Technical Pitch and Poster Symposium.  Judges came from industry and federal partnerships and volunteers included Mines faculty, undergraduate and graduate students.  

Judging Outcomes: Congratulations to the winning team from Warren Technical High School “Hydro Charger” – they will be representing RM MESA at the MESA USA National Engineering Design Competition (NEDC) in San Diego, California June 24-28, 2024. Additional information about the venues and data follows.

Mines graduate and undergraduate students provided ample discovery opportunities in their “Engineering Experience Expo” audience-engagement demonstrations.  A month prior to the competition, seventeen students and two faculty planned innovative and fun engineering activities that were enjoyed by all.  Also participating was Mines GIS Librarian Chris Thiry, showcasing his maps and special 3D geological sandbox. This Engineering Experience part of the Jamboree is always well received as it allows high school students and their advisors a fun and non-competitive way to interact with Mines students.  The following Mines professional groups and departments were represented:

  • American Chemical Society (ACS)
  • Society of Women in Chemistry (SWiC)
  • Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers (SASE)
  • Colorado School of Mines Material Advantage Chapter
  • BioBuilders
  • Geophysics
  • GeoDome Globe Interactive GIS/maps

Despite inclement weather, the tours listed in the event agenda below were held.  Tours included two lab tours featuring high tech materials and technologies and a tour of the Mines campus.  The Mines campus umbrella tour had 11 students.  The first lab tour hosted eight students, and the final lab tour had approximately 18 attendees. 

Total audience breakdown for Jamboree event:

  • Total audience attendance: 86
    • 12 in-person judges (representing NREL; CMI; Xcel Energy; Mines Professors and grad students).
    • 19 Mines students (2 faculty) — Engineering Experience
    • 29 high school students plus 5 advisor teachers and 5 parents
      • Student data: 40% Latina/e; 20% female
    • 9 other support volunteers (registration, scoring, poster support)
    • 5 faculty staff/organizers
    • 2 tour guides
  • NREL offered 6 advanced judges and 6 in person Judges for greatest lab/industry representation.
  • Volunteers represented 11 different companies and labs:
    • Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Xcel Energy, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, CU Boulder, Colorado School of Mines, Ames National Lab, Idaho National Lab, Highland Biomedical, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, Donahey Medical Technology Corp, Enzyme Inc., Inari Medical 
DSC_4725-1-1024x684 2024 Rocky Mountain Math Engineering Science Achievement (RM MESA) Jamboree

Colorado School of Mines student groups put on engineering demos for the RMMESA students at the Jamboree, on Saturday, April 27.